Beatrice Forshall

Bea was born in France and spent most of her childhood there and Catalonia. She studied illustration at FalmouthUniversity and since then has been exhibiting steadily. In 2014 she exhibited with Ghosts of Gone Birds, an ongoing art project dedicated to breathing life back into birds which have been lost to us. Since childhood Bea has had two main passions; making pictures and wildlife conservation. They now meld in her powerful images of endangered birds and animals.


Bea began drypoint engraving at Falmouth, enjoying the graphic quality and the detail she is able to achieve, particularly with the addition of chine-collé. Elements in the process all contribute to the final outcome; working into the metal, inking the plate and the rolling of the press. Concerned with the extinction of species Bea choses her subjects from those now endangered whose loss would make the planet a less beautiful place. Her graphic portraits capture the characteristics of each bird or animal, celebrate their life and encourage us to share the planet’s resources with these creatures.


Bea’s prints are sometimes one-offs or made in extremely small editions. Each print is individually finished by hand, sometimes with the addition of chine-collé, which makes every piece unique.