Young Contemporaries

15 - 28 November 2019

For the first time this November, Aubergine Art Gallery presents Young Contemporaries, an exhibition featuring work from twelve of London's most promising young contemporary artists. The majority of these artists are recent graduates from a variety of London's art universities, alongside two self-taught artists.


The title Young Contemporaries is based upon the famous exhibition of the same name from
1949-1970. The most notable being that of 1961, where the Whitechapel Art Gallery presented the works of Derek Boshier, David Hockney, Allen Jones, Ron Kitaj, and Peter Phillips, where British Pop art appeared for the first time in full force.


In choosing these twelve artists for Young Contemporaries, much had to be considered in how contemporary art has changed in recent years. With many artists' work focusing on figurative scenes there is a strong revival in the interest of the human form. This interest is even still evident in Crystal Fischetti’s abstract paintings, as her dynamic brushstrokes play out movement of the body.

Furthermore the growing themes many of these works, such as Hurst Inglefield’s tapestries, lie deeply in escapism and the fantastical. This interplay of post-internet painting against escapist work opens a dialogue into our own current identities as being in today's society.