Gallery Artists

4 October - 1 November 2019

This specially curated autumn show exhibits new talents alongside a host of our most well-loved and collected artists. We are delighted to introduce Ruth Bowyer, who hails from a family of artists and offers distinctive and dramatic still lifes replete with skillfully rendered reflections, revealing the beauty of everyday forms. Penelope Williams, whose work blends the fragile and delicate forms of feather and flower with bold brushstrokes and abstract swathes of colour, summoning an emotional response in the viewer.

Joining these are gallery favourites Vanessa Bowman, known for her gloriously vibrant florals and still lifes, and Nigel sharman, painter of subtle and atmospheric still lifes, seascapes and figures. Glass maker Teresa Chlapowski has created a new collection of work including striking wall panels, sculptural freestanding panels and beautiful bowls. Long standing gallery favourite Lana Okiro offers an autumnal selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables, forests and city scenes, whilst the ever talented Colin Cook, painter of Northern English land, sea and cityscapes, presents a new collection celebrating the timeless beauty of his locality.