LAND - SEA - SKY: A celebration of wide open spaces and Mother Nature

22 April - 27 May 2021

Welcome to our Out of Lockdown Exhibition, featuring work by seven diverse and talented female artists, several of which are new to Aubergine Art. The aim of this exhibition is to celebrate the splendour of Mother Nature in her all-encompassing majesty; her glorious expanses, endless horizons, undulating oceans and vast soaring skies. After a year of unforseen and unprecedented enclosure, isolation and repetition, all we want is to escape into a fantasy of never-ending perspectives and golden sunsets, which is precisely what this group of artists have captured using every medium available. With most pieces being created during lockdown, these works are a personal expression of longing and a song of hope for freedom, forming a collection that grabs the spirit and whisks it in the clear skies of dreams.