Diane inherited her interest in art from her father and was producing pencil and crayon drawings from an early age. She studied for three years full time under a professional/artist illustrator, and later produced illustrations for short stories in the UK, Irish and Scandinavian magazines. When her children went to university she turned her attention to producing traditional still life paintings in the style of the Old Masters.

She has since perfected a technique using acrylic paint whereby she build up her wok layer by layer, producing carefully blended tonal shades to achieve realistic textures and surfaces. Her work is traditional yet fresh and contemporary and her compositions are always pleasing to the eye. Textures are captured beautifully; the sheen of a bottle or reflection in a spoon giving the pieces that magic touch that makes a still life come alive. Diane has held successful one-person exhibitions all over Britain and is a member of The Society of Women Artists (SWA) where she exhibits annually at their London Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries.


Her awards include:

‘Best in Show’ at the Annual United Artist (UA)

Exhibition in London 2001 with a Still Life painting
‘Best work with a Japanese Theme’ at the Annual SWA Exhibition in London 2002